What is English Cafe?

Either you are looking for a friendly English speaking gathering to develop your English skills, or you would like to join a group of new friends who have something in common with you to spend a couple of hours drinking a cup of coffee with, English Cafe would be your choice.

English Cafe is not referring to a physical place; it is a series of regular events hosted by some excellent cafes wherever they are. We are starting here, in Tehran, and we hope we can hold our events in other cities, soon.

Your willingness to speak English is the only prerequisite. It is not very important at all how good in English you are; you are always welcome; however, attendees of intermediate level or higher are likely to enjoy more.

Attending these events (English Cafe) is currently completely free of charge (up to 31st March 2018), and attendees will only pay the host cafe or coffee shop for what they will order at the cafe during the meeting.

The details of every  English Cafe event will be announced via this site, social media, and related apps (Facebook, Couchsurfing, Twitter and …).

We cannot wait to have you in our following events, so do not hesitate and join any of our meetings here: Events list